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In Pakistan the number of  active income tax filers are very low, No doubt number of tax return filers increased in the last few years but still it is very low as compare to others Asain countries. In FY-2018, FBR has received 1,963,348 Tax Returns, on the other hand, FBR has received 2,472,609 Tax Returns in FY-2019 which increased by 26% as compared to FY-2018 but it is still a very low ratio of total Pakistan population 220 million (1.13%). Why? The main reason is Pakistan’s taxation system is very complicated, even to file a income tax return for salary person is so difficult and complex.

Why paypaktax? In light of above, paypaktax.com focus on those well-off and tax-eligible Pakistanis who should be paying voluntarily via the tax-filing regime but due to a comprehensive system they avoid tax returns filing. So paypaktax.com helps out all of those who want to file their income tax returns and become an active tax filer. The main purpose of this website is to educate and facilitate them to file their first income tax return without any other help or tax consultant. 

The main punch and portion of the contents of paypaktax.com is HOW TO” menu. For example if you want to get income tax registration with FBR or to file your first income tax return, then “How to income tax registration” menu helps out in the FBR registration procedure and “How to income tax return E-File” helps out to file your income tax return with wizard view method or classic view method.  

Method-1: How to income tax return E-File with wizard view.

Method-2: How to income tax return E-File with classic view.

First method “How to income tax return E-File with wizard view” especially design for salary persons, which was introduced by FBR in FY-2019. The second method “How to income tax return E-File with classic view” is old or traditional method of income tax return e-filing. These two methods also elaborate in detail the complete procedure of income tax return e-filing (Wizard view & Classic view) with step-by-step guidelines. All steps of wizard view and classic view explains with the help of screenshots and you can easily file your first income tax return without any other help.

During the income tax return E-Filing, you’ll need also Tax Calculator and income tax card rate. On paypaktax.com, you’ll find also tax calculator and all five heads of income card rate including income from salary, income from property etc.

At paypaktax.com, You'll find How to: